L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund

Investing in the success of high-growth minority-owned businesses

Homepage PeopleMinority-owned businesses may struggle to receive proper consideration for financing growth, even if they are established, successful and growing rapidly.

The L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund is designed to change that. It’s an investment initiative of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Minority Business Accelerator (MBA), and provides direct lending to African-American and Hispanic-owned companies that have a track record of success.

The L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund is backed by investors who believe in the success and economic power of minority-owned businesses. Financing may be used to develop new products, enter new markets or invest in acquisitions so companies can remain where they belong - on the fast track.

This forward-thinking initiative is good for minority-owned businesses, and it is good for Cincinnati USA. When minority-owned businesses grow, jobs are created and our community and economy are strengthened.

Luther Ross Love, Jr.

The L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund is named in honor of the late Luther Ross Love, Jr., who actively sought and attained the American Dream while helping other minority business professionals achieve their dreams as well.

Luther Ross Love

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