Luther Ross Love, Jr.

The L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund is named in honor of the late Luther Ross Love, Jr., who actively sought and attained the American Dream while helping other minority business professionals achieve their dreams as well.

About the L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund

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The L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund is an investment initiative of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Minority Business Accelerator (MBA). It is backed by a group of highly visible and respected investors.

The L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund fulfills a need that is not currently being met by traditional lenders, venture capital firms or private equity sources. It provides direct lending to large, scalable African-American and Hispanic-owned firms that have potential for rapid growth, significant revenue generation and sustainability.

Direct lending is not a grant. It is money intended to return its principal plus interest. Consideration for financing is given to African-American and Hispanic-owned companies in the Greater Cincinnati area that meet The L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund’s eligibility requirements.

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