Luther Ross Love, Jr.

The L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund is named in honor of the late Luther Ross Love, Jr., who actively sought and attained the American Dream while helping other minority business professionals achieve their dreams as well.

Requirements to be considered for funding

Companies eligible to be considered for financing by the L. Ross Love GrowthBridge Fund must:

  • Certified African-American or Hispanic-owned businesses
  • A high potential firm in the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative (CMBC) currently receiving services from the MBA or its partners
  • Business-to-business or business-to-government customers
  • Potential for significant revenue generation, business growth and sustainability
  • A viable expansion plan for the business, which may include acquisitions, broader penetration of market, or other strategies¬†
  • Revenues of $500,000 or more in the most recent 12-month reporting¬†
  • A history of profitability, or at a minimum, breaking even
  • A track record in an industry, with an established reputation and product or service


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